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 Freshman To-Do-List
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 Welcome to Wa-Hi! The Counseling Team would like to encourage freshmen to get acclimated to high school and feel welcome on our campus. We encourage students to do this by getting involved with clubs, sports, arts, and volunteering. Freshmen year is the perfect time to explore your interests and take a risk!

The counseling team is here to help freshmen gain independence and learn to advocate for themselves. We can assist students with goal setting, academic planning, individual concerns, and more. Please don't hesitate to contact your child's counselor with any questions or concerns!

We present in classrooms three times during freshman year. We do the following presentation:

Fall Presentation: Introduction to Student Services
Winter Presentation: First Semester Reflections
Spring: Sophomore Registration

We look forward to working with all freshmen and helping them have a successful freshman year!

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