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WAHI Campus

The copy center is located in A-2, across from the staff room. Carolyn Crouthamel's hours are 7:30 to 3:00, with a break for lunch.

Print Shop

Whenever possible, please use the district print shop for large orders. Our school budget is not charged when we print there! Their turnaround time is usually about one-three days, depending on which method you use to send your request.

To place an order at the print shop, you can either email your document(s) as an attachment, send it through the copy machine to the Print Shop, or send a hard copy with instructions through inter-school mail. Be sure to specify how many copies you need and how you want them, i.e. single-sided, double-sided, stapled, hole-punched, and/or on colored paper.
The Print Shop email address is: printshop@wwps.org
If you are using inter-school mail, just write print shop on the envelope and attach a completed "Print Shop order form."

Copy Center

When you need copies from the copy center, please use the "Copy Center order form". Place your order in the basket on the table in the copy center and your copies will be put in your mailbox. Please try to get your order in with plenty of time to spare. Orders are generally filled in order of submission.

You may also send print jobs to the copy center from your computer. When you select "print" you are given several printer options. The copy center printers are named "WA CopyCenter Primary on hs" and  "WA CopyCenter Secondary on hs." You are able to select single-sided, double-sided, stapled, hole-punched, etc. Please choose double-sided whenever possible.


Teacher supplies will be located in the supply cabinet in the copy center. It will be locked this year, with Carolyn and Ginger Heiser having the keys. Please request supplies from Carolyn via email. Her address is ccrouthamel@wwps.org. Your supplies will be placed in your mailbox, or delivered to your classroom if a TA is available for delivery.

Teaching Assistant

Both the Primary Copier and the Small Copier in the Copy Center are now set up for the Teaching Assistant Application for automated printing and grading of multiple-choice exams using bubble-sheet forms.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Carolyn Crouthamel at ccrouthamel@wwps.org  or ext. 8668.