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WAHI Campus
-Schedules are currently visible to students 24 hours AFTER Parents/Guardians log into Skyward and fill out the back to school checklist. Please call the front office if you need help with the back to school checklist or if you are still unable to view your schedule 24 hours after filling it out.
-If you have a 4A class you have 2nd lunch!
-If you have a 4B class, then you have 1st lunch!
-If you are in need of a schedule change due to a mistake in your schedule, please fill out this form wahi.link/schedule  
-WaHi Counselors are processing schedule change requests and responding to emails as quickly as possible in between staff trainings this week. Please do not email your counselor more than once regarding the same request, as this slows processing down. 
Counselor assignments can be found on the website here.
-A hard copy of schedules will be available on the first day of school. Look for signage on campus to pick up your schedule!!
-Note: there are limited zero period classes. If you requested 7 classes and were only scheduled 1-6, it's likely that the classes you selected are not offered in zero period. If you NEED 7, please fill out a schedule change request form.
-The updated daily bell schedule is on the WaHi website here.
-Transportation questions? Click here
-The first day of school is Tuesday Sept. 6th! 
-Please be sure to follow the schedule that is in Skyward, even if you have requested a change. 
Welcome back Blue Devils!! Go Blue!