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Congratulations to the GO BLUE students of January and February! Eight students were selected each month by their teachers as GO BLUE students. Nominated students were recognized for the exceptional examples they provide as model students, especially during this challenging time with Distance and Hybrid Learning. Below are what they had to say about being chosen.


January Students
Joshua Drumheller, was nominated by Mr. Dave Larson. Larson says Joshua has been very consistent in his attendance, having his mic on, and responding to questions. He is very polite and respectful. We love having him in our class.

Kaden (Sam) Branco’s nominator, Mrs. Laura Bertinelli, says “Thanks for being a great TA! You are an excellent example for my other students to follow.” Kaden says it feels rewarding to be recognized and believes it is his willingness “pop in and answer questions and to give his opinion.”

Andrea Ramos “has worked her tail off this last month getting back on track in Sophomore English. Super proud of her!”, says nominator Mrs. Shawna Millett. “She has stepped up her participation and she is staying on top of assignments. What a comeback!!”

Francisco Ruiz had two nominators. Mrs. Sarah Foster says, “I really appreciated having Francisco in Psychology class first semester. He participated often and had interesting points of view.” Mrs. Shawna Millett said, “I appreciate Francisco’s participation in Sophomore English so very much! He is willing to share ideas when no one else is, and he constantly impresses me with his insight.” He added, “I always participate and try my best in class.”

Denali Parodi’s nominator, Mrs. Kristin Hessler, says “Denali has shown great leadership as president of our drama club. She organizes weekly officer meetings, preps and runs the weekly club meetings, and dedicates her time to making this club the best it can be during a pandemic. The many students who participate in the club have her to thank for a great experience.”

Danielle Swenson Leaks was nominated by Mrs. Sarah Foster. She says, “Danielle worked really hard to get caught up and passed U.S. History for first semester. I look forward to her continuing her work ethic and hopefully getting to meet in person someone this year!”

Sofia Arias believes she was nominated for her work as a TA for Mrs. Kristin Hessler. “She has really enjoyed being able to have two different theater classes this year, one where she gets to help out other students. It is new and exciting”, says Sofia. Mrs. Hessler says “Sofia has shown excellence in the classroom this January. She can in during asynchronous time to work, put in extra time on her own, and has shown brilliantly in her assessments. I’m very proud of her.”

Logan Watson believes what sets him apart from his peers is his ability to put others before himself. He says, “I want others to be happy. I do this so they don't feel sad or like they're not enough because everyone is worthy of being respected, and there's people that care about them even if they think that there's nobody who really cares. I care about everyone.” Mrs. Kristen Wegner, his nominator, had this to say about Logan. “Logan is new to our school this year and has made the best of his situation. He attends class and gets his assignments turned in even if it means coming to office hours. He is always pleasant and easy to work with!”

February Students
Morgan Perron, who was nominated by Mr. Andrew Gomsrud and Mrs. Kristin Hessler, says it was a surprise to be recognized as a student of the month. She believes she was nominated because she “always asks questions and tries to encourage others in group work.” “Morgan is a motivated self-learner, strives to improve and is willing to ask questions and communicate with staff”, according to Mr. Gomsrud. Mrs. Hessler says “Morgan is unafraid to dive into work and she will work with anyone I pair her with.”

Libby Drabek’s nominator, Mrs. Kristin Hessler, says “Libby is a great leader in our 6th period class. I can always put her on the spot to try something new and she jumps in with both feet.” She also says, “Libby has gone above and beyond expectation on asynchronous assignments - a true joy in such a difficult learning environment.” Libby says, “I am dedicated to what I do and I love it!!”

Lorena Osorio has been “one of my top performers in my AP Spanish class all year. I have many students who excel academically but the thing that amazes me about Lorena is that she is doing it while handling so many home responsibilities!”, says Mr. Sergio Reyes. He continues, “I appreciate your resiliency and reminding all of us that everything is possible through hard work, time management, and responsibility! Keep up the good work!”

Sean Tinder consistently exhibits leadership during class, according to nominator, Mrs. Jessica Johnson. “He unmutes his microphone and participates. In my welding class, he adds helpful hints in the chat to help classmates as they are learning to use Torchmate”, says Mrs. Johnson.

‘Aaliyah Park was unsure of coming on campus, but she has been a true leader in our program and has encouraged other students to try new tasks and work hard”, says nominator, Ms. Krystal Ceron. “She truly is an amazing human full of compassion and empathy.”

Olivia Isenhower was nominated by Mrs. Jill Meliah. “I love Olivia’s spirit and kindness! I feel lucky to have her in class again, and I can’t wait to have her back in the classroom so we can actually chat more. I appreciate her engagement and thoughtfulness”, says Mrs. Meliah.

Andrew (Andy) Groom says it feels very rewarding to be recognized. “Andy is a great student”, according to his nominator, Mrs. Jessica Johnson. “Andy makes his schoolwork a priority and tries hard to do well. With his great work ethic, I think he has a bright future ahead of him!”

“Makenna Mosher is one of the few students who will interact with me during our Zoom classes”, according to Mrs. Kristen Wegner. “I really appreciate her willingness to put herself out there. I was so happy to meet her during our first home volleyball game and found out she is a STAR on the court as well!!”

Congratulations to all the students who were nominated in January and February. You can find a complete list of students who were nominated here.