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Congratulations to the GO BLUE Students of the Month for October!

GO BLUE Student of the Month is a way to recognize students who have shown the Blue Devil values of Grit, Ownership, Belonging, Lifelong Learning, Understanding and/or Engagement. Students are nominated by school staff members.

This month, the focus is on students who demonstrate Grit; defined as Blue Devils are determined to be successful in all areas of their lives.

122 students were nominated by staff for exhibiting this trait. Two students from each grade level were then selected as October Students of the Month.

Mr. Schumacher met with these students and highlighted the reasons why the nominating teacher selected them. He adds, “These students were recognized for demonstrating Grit. These individuals demonstrate passion and perseverance towards being successful learners both in and out of the classroom.” Each student was presented a certificate and a GO BLUE t-shirt to celebrate their efforts.

Below are reasons these students were chosen.

Aaliyah Cardenas was acknowledged by Mrs. Meliah for keeping on track with her schoolwork while on a trip. She said, "Aaliyah did a great job of keeping up on the work, emailing me her answers, and not skipping a beat when she came back to class. I appreciate her willingness to take responsibility for her education when she was gone."

Rihanna Vieyra was nominated by Melanie Medina. “Rihanna has shown grit so many times in Geometry this month and this year; if she first doesn’t succeed, she is always the first one to come in to improve her quiz or test scores. She is thorough, dedicated, and has a positive attitude through all the ups and downs of math class!”

Yareli Santana Contreras was cited by Mrs. Hein who wrote, “It is Soo nice to see you asking more questions and just showing that you can do ANYTHING when you put your mind to it! Hard work pays off!” Mrs. Mouat nominated Yareli for working hard to catch up. “I’m really proud of her for showing such grit and determination and I’m so glad she’s part of our second period class because I know that she’s a role model for others.”

Emi Harris was nominated by teacher Mina Meyer who said, “Emi started the year strong-she’s tackled even the trickiest concepts with persistence and tenacity, refusing to accept anything less than mastery. She continues to demonstrate relentless dedication to her education. She is an excellent role model, and a delight to have in class”

Josiah James was recognized by Keith Michels siting “He showed a high level of accountability by being willing to come into school after class to complete his missing assessments. He also contributes insightful comments in classroom discussions. I sure appreciate his positive presence every day.”

Chloe Busch was noted by Ms. Mouat because, “Her insight into the texts, her commitment during the test prep sessions, her camaraderie with her peers all reflect rigor and a determination to succeed. She is a student who exemplifies grit and mettle and I’m so delighted to get to have her in class again.”

Sativah Pastor O’Neel was nominated by Amy Reed. She appreciates that “Sativah shows GRIT through her willingness to improve her overall performance. She may not always want to do it, but she prevails none the less. It’s inspiring to see her lean into the hard work and achieve her goal. Sativah demonstrates GRIT consistently, and I know this quality in her will serve her well in life.”

Rosilyn Duckworth was selected by JROTC instructor Marrero. “Ms. Duckworth has gone above and beyond as the logistics officer ensuring cadets have been issued their uniforms and are prepared for their monthly uniform inspections. She is motivated, dedicated to the program, and takes initiative to make thing better.”

You can find the link for a list of all the October nominees here.