Thursday, May 5, students in the World Languages Department once again celebrated the Battle of Puebla in the festival commonly known as “Cinco de Mayo”. On this day in 1862 a smaller force of Mexican soldiers defeated a larger better-equipped force of French soldiers who were on their way from Veracruz on the Gulf Coast, with the goal of capturing Mexico City.

This day should not be confused with Mexican Independence Day. That is on September 16, when in 1810 the revolution to overthrow the Spanish commenced.

As we celebrated each class period, students from Spanish, French, German, ELD (English Language Development) joined with those in Culinary Arts and selected AVID classes to share ethnic food, music, piñatas, and games. A great opportunity for cultural cross-pollination.

Curtis Schafer
German and Spanish Teacher

 Cinco de Mayo 2Cinco de Mayo

The World Language Dept. chose to celebrate Cinco de Mayo to honor foreign language, culture, food, and music as they do in their classes. And also to promote and honor cultural awareness, diversity, and inclusion on our campus.

The return of the Cinco de Mayo event was a big step in our return to normalcy! The only students who had previously enjoyed these festivities were our senior students. We are so glad to bring this tradition back to our language students and campus.

Aaron Martin
World Language Dept.
Walla Walla High School