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The winner of the November 2021 Cadet of The Month was Cadet Private Hannah Goin from Delta Company. Goin said she gained the help of many other cadets in her company, which helped her win this month after her first time competing in October Cadet of The Month. Goin was born here in Walla Walla, and has grown up here her whole life. She joined JROTC because she has always been interested in marksmanship, she practices archery and throwing her brother’s throwing knives in her free time. When asked what advice she would give to other cadets going up for the board, “Practice keeping your eyes steady while someone else quizzes you,” she said, “It really helps keep your bearing during the interview portion of the board.”She hopes to win Marksman of The Month next and working on her shooting. But overall, she hopes to do well in other competitions and improve herself as the days go by. Her plans after high school are to follow a career in medical as she has always been interested in medicine.

The winner of November 2021 Athlete of The Month is Cadet Private First Class Isabel Dalan of Charlie Company with a score of 200 points out of a total 200. Born here in Walla Walla, Dalan is the first of her family to join the program. “Cadet Captain Hutson and Staff Sergeant Kavanagh, the Army Recruiter with morning PT were the ones who really pushed me and encouraged me,” said Dalan, “Along with my fellow cadet [Cadet Private E2] Kairi Kincheloe who encouraged me to keep trying after I didn’t win the first two times I competed.” The advice Dalan would give to fellow cadets competing in Athlete of The Month is to push yourself and train prior to the competition. “Don’t rush the swiss seat and make sure to practice on your own time,” said Dalan. She hopes to challenge someone on the sporter team and replace their spot. After high school, Dalan hopes to either join the military to be a pilot in the Air Force or join the Army.

The first Marksman of The Month of 2021-2022 school year and November is Cadet Private First Class Isabel Dalan. She won with a qualifying score of 246 points out of 300. She said the people who motivated her to win this competition were c/CPT Hutson, c/PVT Alicia Apodoca and Sergeant First Class Mebes who helped her with her balance in offhand. Dalan’s advice for winning Marksman of The Month is to practice the position you struggle with the most. She says to also not overthink before you start shooting. After winning Athlete of The Month and Marksman of The Month, Dalan hopes to improve her offhand and kneeling and try to fight her way onto the Sporter Rifle team this year.