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Congratulations to Walla Walla High School Junior Emerson Schulke for receiving the 2021 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award as part of the Walla Walla Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Showcase. The Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes an individual 25 years of age or younger who has displayed the necessary drive and determination to make their business or project a success.

Emerson is a very talented, hard-working young woman. She is involved in school government leadership roles, soccer, basketball, softball and the FFA program. Her Sudbury Sunflowers and More business features fresh cut sunflower bouquets and arrangements. She manages all operations including sales, marketing and production. This amazing young lady also helps manage Cooper's Pumpkins every year in memory of her brother, where all proceeds are donated to the Ronald McDonald House in Cooper's memory.

Check out the award video to learn more about Emerson Schulke.
• Award Video   

Learn more about Emerson and Sudbury Sunflowers and more at:
Instagram @sudburysunflowers
Facebook – Sudbury Sunflowers and More
Walla Walla Union Bulletin Article 

WaHi Cross Country Athlete Brody Hartley (#929) just returned from Runninglane National Cross Country Championships. Brody finished 5th in the Washington State AAA Cross Country finals in November.

“The trip to Alabama for Runninglane nationals was an incredible experience. I got a 13 second PR in a time of 15:22 and placed 144th in the nation. I love to run because I always finish a run feeling better than when I started. Getting to run with my friends is the best part of my day, and my favorite part of the week is always racing.”

Congratulations Brody!

Go Blue Devils!

The winner of the November 2021 Cadet of The Month was Cadet Private Hannah Goin from Delta Company. Goin said she gained the help of many other cadets in her company, which helped her win this month after her first time competing in October Cadet of The Month. Goin was born here in Walla Walla, and has grown up here her whole life. She joined JROTC because she has always been interested in marksmanship, she practices archery and throwing her brother’s throwing knives in her free time. When asked what advice she would give to other cadets going up for the board, “Practice keeping your eyes steady while someone else quizzes you,” she said, “It really helps keep your bearing during the interview portion of the board.”She hopes to win Marksman of The Month next and working on her shooting. But overall, she hopes to do well in other competitions and improve herself as the days go by. Her plans after high school are to follow a career in medical as she has always been interested in medicine.

The winner of November 2021 Athlete of The Month is Cadet Private First Class Isabel Dalan of Charlie Company with a score of 200 points out of a total 200. Born here in Walla Walla, Dalan is the first of her family to join the program. “Cadet Captain Hutson and Staff Sergeant Kavanagh, the Army Recruiter with morning PT were the ones who really pushed me and encouraged me,” said Dalan, “Along with my fellow cadet [Cadet Private E2] Kairi Kincheloe who encouraged me to keep trying after I didn’t win the first two times I competed.” The advice Dalan would give to fellow cadets competing in Athlete of The Month is to push yourself and train prior to the competition. “Don’t rush the swiss seat and make sure to practice on your own time,” said Dalan. She hopes to challenge someone on the sporter team and replace their spot. After high school, Dalan hopes to either join the military to be a pilot in the Air Force or join the Army.

The first Marksman of The Month of 2021-2022 school year and November is Cadet Private First Class Isabel Dalan. She won with a qualifying score of 246 points out of 300. She said the people who motivated her to win this competition were c/CPT Hutson, c/PVT Alicia Apodoca and Sergeant First Class Mebes who helped her with her balance in offhand. Dalan’s advice for winning Marksman of The Month is to practice the position you struggle with the most. She says to also not overthink before you start shooting. After winning Athlete of The Month and Marksman of The Month, Dalan hopes to improve her offhand and kneeling and try to fight her way onto the Sporter Rifle team this year.

In November, the ASB and Community Service Commissioner, sophomore Analia Avalos-McBain, sponsored a sock and blanket drive to benefit the Christian Aid Center. The students brought socks and blankets to their Flex Advisory teacher's room for a chance to win a donut party. Avalos-McBain is pictured here with the socks and blankets collected by Wa-Hi students. Congratulations to Ms. Rose, Ms. Beemer and Ms. Bertinelli’s Flex Advisories for winning the contest!

Shayna Hutchens
ASB/Leadership/Activities Teacher

This October Cadet of The Month is Cadet Private Claire Wooster from Echo Company. With the help of her first sergeant, Tazie Betzler, she also studied hard in all the ways she knew would help her win.

Wooster was born in Mason City, Iowa and eventually moved here to Walla Walla. She is following in her brother’s, Lieutenant Colonel Maxwell Wooster, footsteps in joining JROTC because of the stories c/LTC Wooster would tell, and her dad thought this class was special and worth taking.

“Relax, focus on questions and look toward the [First Sergeant] speaking. Take a moment to gather yourself prior to the board,” Wooster said, when asked what advice she would give to future cadets. Wooster says she is open to try more competitions after winning Cadet of The Month such as Athlete of The Month, and to
compete on Color Guard at drill meets.

Her plans after high school are to find a part time job and earn a scholarship from WUE, Wooster hopes to go to college in
either Washington or Idaho.

Getting ready to "hit the road for WIBC” are Wa-Hi seniors Suzanne Nicault-clarinet; and Aaron Christopherson-alto sax with band director Andrew Ueckert. (picture#1)

Suzanne and Aaron at their first rehearsal with the Thunderbird Band (the top group of four bands!) at WIBC! (picture #2)

The Western International Band Clinic (WIBC) is an honor band festival for high school students selected by audition from around the northwest (mostly), but some come from the south and back east as well. Suzanne and Aaron did a great job on their mp3 auditions and both made it in to the top band!!

There are four bands of approximately 120-150 students each. They rehearse all day on the Saturday and Sunday before Thanksgiving with concerts on Monday at the Sea-Tac DoubleTree Inn. They have 6 different college level conductors and usually one of them is the composer of the pieces he/she conducts. There is also each year a guest artist or guest artist group which performs one piece with each of the four bands on the Monday concert--this year it was the group Project Trio!

Congratulations to Suzanne and Aaron!

Each year, WAHI JROTC holds a school assembly to honor the veterans in the valley around Veteran’s Day.

The November 9, 2021 Virtual Veterans Day Assembly can be viewed here.

Below is a list of the participants in the assembly:

Maxwell Wooster (Cadet Lieutenant Colonel)

Saber Guard:
Kaden Kerr (Commander)
Josiah James
Hannah Goin
Micah Vawter
Kairi Kincheloe
Jesse Sheldon
Rosilyn Duckworth
Maximus Malone

Flag Folding:
Rowan Hart (Commander)
Shandra Fine
Cassidy Hanson
Nicole Hicks
Karlye Thomas
Ben Nelson

Color Guard:
Karlye Thomas (Commander)
Aviella Wilson
Tazie Betzler
Cassidy Hanson

Fallen Comrades Tribute:
Ezra Calvert
Noah Ellison
Angela Lindsey
Josiah Jimenez

Service Flag:
Shandra Fine
Dielan Legrand
Issac Lopez
Rowan Hart

Music Performed by:
Chamber Singers (directed by Colleen Hatch)
Wa-Hi Symphony Orchestra (directed by Julia Woods)
Wind Ensemble (directed by Andrew Ueckert)
TAPS played by Jackson Johnson

View the Photo Gallery here.

A Wrinkle in Time 
Adapted for the stage by James Sie
From the book by Madeleine L'Engle
Dress Rehearsal: Nov 10 @ 4pm
Shows: Nov 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20 @ 7pm
Matinees: Nov 13 & 20 @ 2pm
All shows are FREE!
Masks required for all.