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Blue Mountain Field Science


Blue Mountain Field Science explores the natural world through experience-based learning, offering real-life meaning to academic concepts while deepening an understanding of local ecosystems. The program engages middle-school (8th grade, and incoming 9th graders) in outdoor field research to enhance their knowledge of natural processes that have shaped the unique landscapes of the Columbia Plateau and Blue Mountains.

During the week-long course, students will visit multiple locations around the valley to explore both geological and biological systems first-hand to enhance their field research skills. Designed and led by Whitman College Faculty members Tim Parker (Biology & Environmental Studies) and Nick Bader (Geology), Blue Mountain Field Science is geared towards students interested in the natural sciences and environmental exploration.

Cost: Please see your school GEAR UP staff

nternship opportunity for high schoolers

We would love to find a couple of high school interns. Preference if they have either participated in BMFS before or taken AP Environmental Science. I would love Gear Up’s help screening these students since you have closer relationships with them.