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      In order to graduate, every senior needs to have 10 hours of Community Service and/or Volunteering for every year they attend Wa-Hi. That means that most seniors need 40 hours of community service upon graduation. For current students, this requirement may be amended. 

Volunteering is a great way to connect with your community, try out jobs or roles you may want to have in adulthood, and learn to be a kind, engaged human.

When you volunteer, keep track of your hours on this sheet (link it… http://www.wahibluedevils.org/images/CP_2020_Community_Service_Documentation_Summary.pdf). Paper copies are available outside the College & Career Center inside the library.  You will turn it in January of your senior year.

Learn more about volunteering at Wa-Hi!

  • Here's a helpful slideshow (view here)
  • List of volunteer opportunities (view here)
  • Current volunteer emails are sent to all students weekly on Tuesdays in the #BeyondWaHi updates (view here)