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The Running Start program allows eligible juniors and seniors to enroll tuition free in courses at local community colleges or career/technical schools. Although the college tuition is paid for by the school district, students are responsible for books, supplies, fees, and transportation to the community college.

Running Start enrollment is limited to classes numbered 100 and above in both academic and career/technical areas. Students may enroll simultaneously in high school and college classes or solely in college classes.

In order to participate in Running Start, students must apply to Walla Walla Community College and follow specific placement instructions.Graduation requirements for completing a high school diploma are established by Wa-Hi, and students must consult their high school counselor to identify how community college courses will apply towards graduation. If students choose to enroll part time in Running Start classes and part time at Wa-Hi, they will need to plan their Running Start classes around their Wa-Hi classes.

A one-quarter, 5.0 credit, class will equal 1.0 credit of high school study in the subject taken and a one quarter, 3.0 credit, class will equal .5 HIgh School Credits. Further information is available through the Wa-Hi Counseling Department and WWCC Running Start Webpage https://www.wwcc.edu/high-school/running-start/.  Students need to check withtheir high school counselor to confirm that they have signed up for approved courses.