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Whitman Enrichment applications available in the spring.

Enrichment Programs: Programs at Whitman College (Whitman Enrichment Program) and Walla Walla University (Walla Walla University Enrichment Program) are available to seniors. The Whitman Enrichment Program does encourage other grade levels to apply as well. These programs require an application during the spring of the year before desired admittance. You may click on the links above for detailed information about these programs and how to apply. These programs are highly competitive and very rigorous. While in these programs, students will also be expected to take a full course load at Wa-Hi and sign up for  enrichment courses that do not conflict with their Wa-Hi courses.

Whitman Enrichment Program: Programs at Whitman College are available to seniors; they do encourage other grade levels to apply as well. Enrichment allows high school students to take 1 college course per semester free of tuition charge (costs for textbooks & materials must be paid for by the student). Students are permitted to enroll in only those courses that are significantly different from those offered at WaHi.

Walla Walla University Enrichment Program: The high school enrichment program provides qualified high school seniors the opportunity to enroll in one university course per semester, on a space available basis. The student must have a high school GPA of 3.25, must be a senior, and must be recommended by the high school principal or vice-principal in order to participate in the program. Cost for tuition is $250 per class. Students purchase their own textbooks and supplies.

See your Counselor for more Information.