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College in the High School (CIHS)

Walla Walla High School has agreements with the University of Washington, Central Washington University, and Eastern Washington University to offer Wa-Hi students classes that meet the universities’ standards for college-level credit. Available to 9-12 grade students, these courses are taught by Wa-Hi teachers who are also approved instructors at the university level. The instructional materials and assessments are approved by the universities. In some cases, students must pass a university placement test to be eligible to earn college credit. Once credits are earned, they are part of the student's official transcript from the university and can be transferred to other institutions (check your anticipated college of attendance about credit transfer policies). WWPS covers the transcription cost and associated fees for up to 15 credits per year per student*.

Career and Technical Education Dual Credit (CTE) 

Walla Walla High School also partners with Walla Walla Community College (WWCC), Columbia Basin College (CBC), and Spokane Community College (SCC) to provide dual credit classes in Career and Technical Education.  These courses earn students community college credit that can be used to advance their progress in those programs at WWCC, CBC, or SCC and possibly be transferred to other community colleges or universities (check your anticipated college of attendance about credit transfer policies).

The Benefits


Earn college credit for free! Eligible students can enroll in as many College in the High School courses, within institutional credit limit policies as they choose, but should take into consideration their overall course load and available time to complete challenging coursework. 

As a comparison, an on-campus CWU student typically pays $1,482 for a 5-credit class and $8,844 for one year of tuition. For students learning and living on campus, costs a total of $21,671 to $26,492 for tuition and room and board. (Details from CWU's Cost of Attendance page.)

*Note: Dual credit courses do not count toward this credit total.


  • College in the High School programs provide students an opportunity to enroll in college courses at their high school and earn high school and college credit.
  • If a student registers to earn a college credit, the student’s college transcript is created when the student registers with the college for the college credit. The college credit and grade for the College in the High School course will be included on the student’s permanent college transcript and applied to the student’s college grade point average at that college.
  • Many college credits are transferrable to other colleges. It is always recommended to check with the college/university you are interested in.


  • One course earns credit for WWHS and the issuing college/university at the same time, so students can start college having already completed many of their general education courses. 


  • WWPS students get to experience true college-level classes and be an official "college student" while remaining in a familiar setting with the support of the high school staff while enjoying their high school experience.


  • Students register for College in the High School courses in the spring for the next school year in the same way they register for all their high school classes.
  • At the beginning of the course, teachers will review the course requirements, college credits available, the grading process, and answer any questions students and their families may have.
  • Parents must complete and sign a college registration form from the teacher, and students must give the completed form to their teacher. Note: Some registration may be online. In those cases, the parent will receive an email with a link to a digital registration form.
  • Teachers must submit their class lists and a copy of each student's registration form to the District's Finance Department.
  • Students complete the course.
  • Students and families then work with teachers to monitor progress, grades, withdrawal dates, and other deadlines.
  • After successful completion of the course, grades and credits will be added to the student's high school and college transcripts.


  • Students have the option to take WWPS courses without registering for college credit. A student may choose this option, for example, if they do not meet eligibility requirements or do not want to risk receiving a low grade on a college transcript.
  • Students should always check with the college or university they plan to attend to understand how courses transfer between institutions.
  • If a student earns an F grade or withdraws from a college course, the parent will be required to reimburse the District for the course's cost.
  • Reimbursements from parents are due to the District immediately after the conclusion of the school year, and unpaid reimbursements will be applied as a student fine, which will restrict participation in future college courses.
  • If a student exceeds 15 credits in a year, the District will invoice the student's parents for the cost of those courses. Dual credit courses do not count toward this credit total.

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