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For students enrolled in Traffic Safety Education Quarter 4, 2024, please look for updates via ParentSquare and/or at this location during the beginning of March, 2024

traffic safetyResearch shows that teenagers who take a driver’s education class are much safer on the road. This semester-long course will focus on traffic safety education (TSE) and personal finance through a blended semester developing student independence. The traffic safety education quarter will cover the state requirements for earning a Driver’s License in the state of Washington. Students will be required to complete a minimum of six hours of supervised drives with a certificated driving instructor outside of the school day (additional observation hours are also required). Students are required to have a Learner's Permit during or prior to taking this course. During financial education, students will learn personal finance skills necessary for life after high school.  Students will learn about income, money management/budgeting, spending and credit, as well as saving and investing. Students will need to have a Learner's Permit for the TSE portion of this class to participate.


Jerry Maher
CTE & SEATech Skills Center Director

Julie Hill
Traffic Safety Instructor

Maggie Miller
Assistant Secretary, Traffic Safety Education
509-527-3020 ext:8642

drivers ed

Course Requirements:

  • 30 hours of Traffic Safety Education classroom instruction
  • 6 hours of driving with Behind the Wheel Instructor
  • Driving observation is required with each drive (in addition to 6 hours of drive time)
  • 6 hours of home-driving practice
  • A student shall meet the objectives and competencies listed in the curriculum guide prior to being issued a completion certificate 


  • Students must have their driver's permit no later than three school days after the start of their TSE class, with a WDL number submitted by the due date (i.e. at least 10 days before the first day of class). A student can create a License eXpress account to obtain a WDL number before they obtain their permit; a WDL number allows for confirmation that a student has a permit or for the request a waiver for them to obtain a permit within 10 days before TSE starts.

How to obtain your driver’s permit

Please follow the instructions below:

    • Visit the Washington State Department of Licensing License Express website.
    • Click the Join now! button, then click Join now! This active link will open a secure pre-registration window where you will input your personal information for the DOL permit.
    • Select: License eXpress for individuals.
    • Select: Pre-apply for my first Washington driver permit, driver license or ID card.
    • Once you have completed the “tell us who you are” information on this online form – you will be given a 12-character identification number that will start with "WDL." This is your permit/account number and eventually your driver’s license number.
    • Once you have your permit number – email the 12 digit number to: mlmiller@wwps.org. She will cross reference your academic course enrollment to confirm for the DOL that you are enrolled in the Walla Walla Public Schools Traffic Safety Course.
    • After Ms. Miller has received the DOL confirmation from your permit-entry, she will email you to confirm your approved course status with the DOL.
    • There are two options for obtaining your permit (DOL instructions to get permit)
      • Option for non-photo ID permit: If you don't want a photo on your permit, you can log in and finish your application online. Be aware you'll have to provide proof of identity in person when it's time to get your license.
      • If you want a photo ID permit: Prove your identity in person. You'll need to make an appointment to do this (using your WDL number, to "Get a license/ID"). Learn more about proving your identity (if you have a valid Washington ID card, you don't need to do this again). Take your picture at the Department of Licensing (DOL). They can use a recent photo of you if they have one on file.
        • The Department of Licensing (DOL) in Walla Walla is located at 145 Jade Street, Walla Walla, WA 99362. Be prepared to pay a fee to cover the cost of your photo ID permit (i.e. $25) and have your legal parent/guardian with you.
    • When your permit will arrive
      • After you pay and finish your application (online or at the DOL), they will mail your permit. It should arrive in 7-10 business days. Call them if you haven’t received it after 2 weeks: 360.902.3900.
      • Log in to print your temporary permit or replace a lost permit card. If you go to an office, you'll get a temporary permit at that time.

Enrollment Criteria:

  • Active student in Walla Walla Public Schools OR 

           Enrollment for Non-WWPS Students
           - Summer: Course is free for current WWPS students and students who reside within the WWPS jurisdiction (since this program is funded in part by local levy dollars)
           - Priority is given to WWPS students
           - The course fee is $450.00 for out-of-district students
           - During the school year WWPS will claim a partial FTE for private/home school students

  • Course Requests - Students may make course requests through the normal registration process (if a student attends WaHi).  If a student attends another school, they can contact their home high school counselor to make a request.  If a student does not attend a public WWPS school but is eligible based on their home residence, please contact WaHi's main office with registration questions. 
  • Registration for Summer Session is closed at this time. 

Summer Session Schedule:

Mandatory Parent Meeting: TBA

  • Schedule: TBA

All students must attend all classroom sessions, with limited days available for make-ups, must pass 12 BTW drives, and participate in required BTW practice at home in order to pass the class and earn credit.  Submission of all homework and in-class assignments and obtaining a minimum of 80% on all tests is also required.  Class expectations will be reviewed in greater detail at the aforementioned parent meeting.

Student Expectations:

  • Students will be held to a behavioral code of conduct.
  • This is a performance-based program. Students must attend all classroom sessions and complete all course requirements before course completion can be reported to the Department of Licensing.
  • ALL classroom assignments, assigned work, and completed tests/quizzes must be passed with a minimum of 80% for the student to receive completion.
  • If you fail a unit concept test, you will need to retake a similar test within one to two class periods (without getting behind on current content and concepts).
  • Students are expected to complete their drives/observations within the start and finish dates of the session. Exceptions due to unforeseen circumstances must be communicated and documented.
  • Students are to be on time for each scheduled drive session and possess their driving permit. Arriving without a driving permit will be cause for not driving and will result in a missed drive.
  • If a student needs to miss a drive, the driving instructor must be notified no less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled drive time. Failure to do so will result in a $50 missed drive time fee.

Student Fees:

  • No cost to active students of Walla Walla Public Schools or Private/Homeschool students residing within school district boundares
  • Out-of-district students taking the course during the summer will pay a registration fee of $450.
  • Students must give 24-hour notice if they are unable to make their scheduled drive time. Students that fail to give advanced notice, or miss their drive completely may be charged a $50 rescheduling fee.

Behind the Wheel (BTW) Expectations:

  • traffic safetyStudents are required to pass six hours total of behind-the-wheel drive time to complete the course. Students are also required to complete observations during each drive. Each drive will include drive time AND observation.
  • Drive lessons occur outside of class (i.e. before/after school, or on Saturdays - times may vary).
  • By law, a student can only complete one hour of BTW drive time on any given day.
  • The BTW drives will begin as soon as the first week of class. Up to three students will be scheduled for each drive lesson session (BTW plus observation).
  • Walla Walla Public Schools will not allow students to drive on solo lessons. There is a strict no-show policy, because we must cancel the drive, or find a substitute student, if you fail to show for a drive lesson. Your no-show impacts other students and the instructor – 1st no should results in a $50 fee, and 2nd no show could result in being dropped from the course. The District Traffic Safety team will review all cases.
  • No cell phones, electronic devices, or backpacks will be allowed in the passenger compartment of the cars during the drives.
  • No food or liquids (except water) will be allowed in the car during drives.
  • Distractive behaviors while in the vehicle are not allowed and will be dealt with as a behavior violation.
  • Students must arrive at their scheduled BTW drive lesson prepared, well-rested, and alert or their drive can be canceled.

Behind the Wheel Drive Schedule

  • Behind the Wheel groups will be assigned by your TSE Instructor. 
  • Please communicate with your BTW instructor directly once you are assigned to your BTW group.  
  • Click here to access the student login page for Driver School Software. You can schedule your behind-the-wheel drives, see drive evaluations, cancel or reschedule drives, communicate with your instructor and more

Immediate Course Removal, Course Failure, and Repeating a Course:

  • It is understood that if a Traffic Safety Education student flagrantly disobeys the course instructor, they can be dropped from the class immediately. (A poor attitude will not be allowed behind the wheel.)
  • Illegal use of a motor vehicle carries severe consequences. Students observed driving a personal vehicle without proper supervision (while enrolled in this course) will be dropped from the class immediately.
  • Students may be dropped from this class if traffic violations are reported or observed by a traffic safety instructor.
  • Any student reporting to class or their drive lesson who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs (prescribed or illegal) will be immediately referred to the school administration and/or the police for evaluation.
  • Per Washington State Law, all students must attend a minimum of 1800 minutes of Traffic Safety Education (TSE) classroom instruction to successfully meet the in-person instructional requirement for the course. Students must also successfully complete their Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) instruction and observation hours.  In Washington State, teens must show proof of a TSE course completion (aka Drivers Education) to be eligible to obtain a Driver’s License before the age of 18. 
    • At Walla Walla High School, TSE is taught as part of the semester-long Financial Education and Traffic Safety course. Due to the number of hours available for classroom instruction, a TSE student may miss no more than 4 class periods to guarantee they are eligible to earn the number of instructional hours needed for course completion (assuming that they are on time to class daily). Students must attend the minimum number of hours during the quarter that they receive TSE instruction in order to complete Traffic Safety successfully.  Each student will be required to make up any missed coursework during the makeup days that will be scheduled throughout the quarter.
    • If a student misses more than the allowed class periods, the ”minutes-in-class” requirement will not be able to be met and a student will not be eligible to receive a TSE course completion. The student will still be able to earn school credit in the class based on their academic performance. It is important for students to attend class regularly to master the skills taught in class and to meet all requirements.

Scheduling a Department of Licensing (DOL) Knowledge and/or Skills (Drive) Exam through WWPS

If you are a student who has successfully completed Traffic Safety Education through Walla Walla Public Schools and you are eligible to take the knowledge and skills (drive) exams required for your driver's license (pending all WA State Requirements), you may request to schedule an appointment to have your exams proctored by Walla Walla Public Schools.

You are required to pay a $25 fee, demonstrate proof of eligibility, and follow all WWPS and DOL testing policies. Your $25 fee will cover the knowledge and/or skills test. If either test is repeated, an additional $25 fee will be incurred. Payment must be made in full before either test will be proctored.

Please contact the main office at WaHi to schedule an appointment to take the knowledge and/or skills test. There are multiple dates and times that the knowledge and skills exam will be proctored after each course completion date.

Testing can be scheduled through the main office, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Frequently Asked Questions (Click here)