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I found my passion by participating in this wonderful program, and I am pursuing a degree in digital filmmaking and video production because of my amazing experience at SEATech. The skills I learned there have been invaluable, and it proved to me that even in a small town it’s possible to achieve big-city dreams!

-Candace Edelman, alumna

At SEATech, you focus more on working with a professional throughout the entire assignment, instead of just studying, and then taking a test. A traditional teacher has been taught how to teach, and they only teach that one way. Here they teach from industry experience as well as the state standards. I learned to develop a good work ethic, and to be here every day and show up on time, because if you miss a day, you miss a lot!

-Joel Shaw, alumna

SEATech was instrumental in helping me take my passion to the next level. Learning how to work independently and efficiently has been crucial to my goal of becoming an indie game developer. The project-based assignments I worked on at SEATech helped me better understand the process of developing and executing game projects, especially with regard to storytelling, storyboarding and design. I wouldn't be on the career path I’m on today without SEATech and the personal coaching of my instructor.

-James Doyle, alumnus, studied Game Art & Design at Vancouver Institute of Media Arts

Having spent the bulk of my career in the welding, industrial & safety supply business, I have visited numerous schools over the course of 28 years and met with many school instructors. I was fortunate enough to be involved with SEA TECH from the very early stages both before and after the doors opened, and I have met a lot of people associated with the school. I can honestly say that I have never encountered a finer group of people more dedicated to helping our students advance their careers than the staff at SEA TEC. The Advanced Manufacturing program is unlike anything I have seen at the high school level and offers students a multitude of choices to help them define their area of interest that other programs simply do not. Employers are sure to appreciate the skills and work ethic the students are gaining while attending this school.

-Rich Juel, Plant Manager, Rack and Maintenance Source in College Place

My CTE experience at Wa-Hi is what enabled me to be where I am today. My teachers genuinely cared about my success and went above and beyond to push me toward opportunities to better myself and my future. Because of CTE, I have been more prepared to pursue an agricultural degree at Oklahoma State University and work in the animal health industry. Taking the agricultural sales course my Junior year of high school undoubtedly enabled me to get a sales internship, which turned into a full-time job offer with my dream company, Elanco Animal Health. Aside from the classroom learning aspect of CTE, the leadership portion gave me opportunities to improve my ability to work with others and to be comfortable speaking in any situation, as well as meaningful connections across the state, country, and the world. I owe a large majority of my success to the teachers in the Wa-Hi CTE program, and I could not be more appreciative.

-Andy Zahl, alumnus, studied International Agribusiness at Oklahoma State University

There is not a day that I do not use the skills and knowledge I learned in the agricultural education program. Working in an animal clinic, I need to communicate well, be able to restrain animals, have strength and stamina, remain calm in high stress or emergency situations, and much more. I can firmly say veterinary assistance and FFA has provided me the foundation for all these situations, as well as made a positive difference in my life forever. It was the hands on learning I needed to better my future. I honestly believe I would not be where I am in my career without it. FFA has helped me increase personal growth, but also develop as a leader. At one point, I would have cowered at the thought of being a leader, through FFA, I not only strive to be better in my career, I now embrace leadership roles that will help me gain career success. After all, the FFA motto: “Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve” has become my target for success.

-Takota Prutsman-Wilke, alumna

Being able to be apart of veterinary assistance and animal science classes the last 4 years has given me the opportunity to further my knowledge and interest for my future of becoming a large animal veterinarian. These classes have allowed me to have hands on experience that is not given in a typical class setting. With experiences in research, course work and career development events I will be able to move on to the next chapter of my life with more confidence in my career decisions. 

-Mikayla Hardin, alumna

When I was in high school I took several CTE courses that included Ag mechanics and CAD. These two classes gave me skills that will remain valuable throughout my life. This includes learning how to weld, work metal, wire different systems, work on small engines, and designing/drawing things on computer programs. Overall I would have to say that CTE courses provided many useful skills and knowledge that I will continue to benefit from for many years.

-Tristan Case, alumnus

The SEA Tech program here in Walla Walla fills a gap in our community for skilled manufacturing talent. The hands on training coupled with classroom instruction provide SEA Tech students with the skills that make them immediately employable at our company in a variety of manufacturing positions. Training of this sort in a rural area like Walla Walla is difficult to obtain for those who do not want to leave the area and finding employees trained in these skills is difficult to find in a rural area so the SEA Tech program is a win-win for students and employers.

-Stan Croghan, Director of North American Operations, Key Technology

SEATech has given me opportunity I would never have gotten from a regular high school. It helped me break out of my shell making bonds and friendships with the other SEATech students. The teachers at SEATech genuinely care about all the students. They treat you as an adult and expect you to conduct yourself as such. SEATech is about building each other up and supporting each other.  It's a fun and loving learning environment.

-Precious Legrand, alumna

SEATech is an excellent opportunity. I wish options like this were available earlier in my education. SEATech teaches valuable skills and allows students to dip their feet into different fields, to help us decide whether or not we like those fields before actually entering the workforce. Unlike most school, SEATech provides us with valuable experience needed to be successful.

-Sheldon Bogart, alumna

I love SEATech. It's a great first step to the rest of your career.

-Chloe Gusse, alumna

SEATech has been a great experience for me.  The class has given me applicable job skills, and helped me learn communication skills. SEATech has helped me get a job and has helped me learn many things, so it’s been good!

-Alexander Gogl, alumna