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WAHI Campus
  • The Health Center at WaHi now has medical providers onsite. We can perform sports physicals and administer vaccines as well as see students for acute and chronic conditions including but not limited to: non-emergency headaches, eye problems, skin problems, stomach problems, breathing issues, joint or muscular pain, cold symptoms or cough, sore throat, reproductive health issues, anxiety or depression issues (trouble relaxing, worrying, difficulty sleeping, trouble concentrating, poor appetite/overeating).
    To make an appointment for a virtual or in person visit, use this link:
    https://forms.gle/xTrhEBAD7By6ketVA  **Parent permission is required for students under age 18.

  • The Health Center and Wahi invite students to participate in a weekly group to discuss healthy relationships, building confidence, stress management and ways to feel more connected! Interested students can sign up for more information in their Google Classroom under "Counseling Department" or talk to their counselor.