ASB Class Officer Candidate platforms

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Jennifer Cho for The Wa-Hi Journal
Published: March 24, 2013

ASB Class Officer Candidates for 2014-2015 are as follows. Click names for the platforms.

Senior Class President: Yamile Bernal and Carly Owens
Senior Class Vice President: Kendall Davis and Emily Gilmore
Senior Class Secretary: Mitch Huffman and Tyler Jones
Senior Class Treasurer: Zach Crum

Junior Class President: Karli Plucker and Simone Tuilaepa
Junior Class Vice President: Mia Barthel and Lauren Clark
Junior Class Secretary: Braelen Maiden
Junior Class Treasurer: Jane Gannon

Sophomore Class President: Selina Atkinson, Lily Davis, Poppy Small and David Garza
Sophomore Class Vice President: Tara Krivoshein
Sophomore Class Secretary: Sam Hoe
Sophomore Class Treasurer: Carter Davis

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