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March GO BLUE students of the month announced

March GO BLUE students of the month announced

Congratulations to the March GO BLUE students of the month! Nine students were chosen by their teachers to be March’s students of the month. These teachers believed that during the month of March these WA-Hi students provided an exceptional example of what a WA-Hi student is and should be. This is how they responded when asked why they thought they were chosen to be students of the month.


9th grade:

Kyle Porter -  “ I turn my work in on time.”


10th grade:

Makayla Board - “I do what I want and try to succeed.”

Mya Osborn - “I think it is really important to keep going, even when things get hard.”


11th grade:

Adalaide Pies - “Hard work”.

Amelia Gordon -  “Being quiet”.


12th grade:

Brett Ferguson - “I’ve always had the philosophy that it’s fun to be good and good to be fun. I think being a part of my award is always better than just having things given to me.”

Alyssa Drader- “I think I show up eager to set things up and help on the school farm.”

Ruben Rojas - “Mrs. Wagner challenges me in many ways, I guess I always have a good attitude when I show up to class.”


Also recognized was 9th grader, Ariel Plantenberg. Staff members recognized this month were Ginger Heiser and Jill Meliah.

See all the March nominees here.

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