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2018-19 ASB election platforms released

Voting for the 2018-19 ASB elections will take place March 9-16.

Below are each candidate’s official platform, published as they were submitted. We encourage you to read their statements and make an informed decision for your next ASB President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The link for voting will be published March 9. The results will be announced on March 16 at 4 p.m.

Joshua Rose - ASB President

Leadership is a vital part of any group, or community. A good leader operates best in a state of balance and compromise. He/she knows when to listen and when to act; how to take credit and take responsibility; when to lead, and when to guide. In my high school career, I’ve had a diverse range of experiences more colorful and unique than any other student at Wa-Hi. And, more than anything, these experiences both at and away from school  have given me a unique perspective on what leadership is. That is why I would like to become an ASB officer. I can provide a fresh insight not found anywhere else in the student body. My primary goal as ASB president is to create more transparency in the decision making processes. I wish to give more of a voice to all those in the student body, who may feel they have little say in what happens at our school. Any of the changes that I may create would be centered around this goal, because an informed student body is an essential part of making Wa-Hi a better place. I will provide a fresh insight into the role of ASB president that will create more involvement from the student body and integrate new ideas into ASB and our school.

Lacey Owens - ASB President

My name is Lacey Owens and I want to be your ASB President. Wa-Hi has always held a special place in my heart and I would like nothing more than to better it in every possible way. As President, I pledge to take students’ interests into account when advocating for change. My goals are simple: to embrace the diversities at Wa-Hi, to make people excited to come to school everyday, and to ultimately give each individual an incentive to participate in and enjoy the programs at Walla Walla High School.

From sports to theatrical arts, Wa-Hi has always done a great job when it comes to providing students with extracurriculars to associate with. I plan to use my voice as president to showcase the talents at Wa-Hi through assemblies, making them an event that all students can enjoy. I would also like to create a greater emphasis on all clubs in order to ensure that students are involved in something they’re passionate about.

I believe that everyone deserves to feel welcome and appreciated. Vote for me and I will do my best to represent the student body and Walla Walla High School as a whole.

Elise Gryler - ASB Vice President

My name is Elise Gryler, and I am running for your ASB Vice President.  I am involved in Band, Swimming, Girls’ League and Link Crew, as well as regularly volunteering in the community. I want to be an ASB officer so that I can get all of our students more involved in school events, and so that I can play a role in making decisions that will positively impact our school and student body.  I also hope to make our school and students more involved in the community.  

I think that, at our school, ASB should model positive behavior and lead activities for Wa-Hi.  I believe that school clubs and organizations are crucial to our school because they offer an outlet to engage many students with vastly different interests, and as Wa-Hi’s Vice President I will do my best to support all of them.  I will also strive to foster stronger relationships between students and faculty, allowing students to reach out to teachers when they need to.  

With the combination of my commitment to making Wa-Hi an even better place to be a student and my strong work ethic, I think I would be an excellent candidate. Please vote for me for ASB VP!

Claire Clark - ASB Vice President

Hi, my name is Claire Clark, and I am running for 2018-2019 ASB Vice President. I am running so I can help make Wa-Hi a better place and help plan events for Wa-Hi.

I think I would make an excellent ASB Vice President because I want to make a difference, I am a very hard worker and get the job done. I would encourage support for all events, not just sports. Also I would highly recommend students getting involved in more school activities such as drama, arts, sports, ROTC, etc.

I have been involved in ASB for 2 years now and really enjoyed making a difference to benefit my school. I helped plan multiple events such as Hoops for Heart, prom and multiple assemblies. I will do my best to carry out all my duties to the best of my abilities. I work well in teams, and am a positive person. As ASB VP I would listen to others opinions and take people’s ideas and make them happen. I would really appreciate your vote for ASB Vice President for the 2018-2019 school year, thank you!

Colby Turner - ASB Vice President

My name is Colby Turner. I want to be your ASB Vice-President because I want to help make Wa-Hi a more accepting place for all students input, so that when you graduate, you feel as though you were a part of the Blue Devil legacy. I believe my leadership can motivate and encourage more students to become involved with our school. ASB offers a unique opportunity to take an active role in bridging the gap between students, sports, clubs, and the activities we want to participate in.

Every student is unique with individual dreams and ideas that add to the diversity and atmosphere at Wa-Hi. But these dreams and ideas will only contribute to the greatness of Wa-Hi if they are heard, truly listened to and respected. One of the ways this can be done is by allowing students to have more input in choosing event themes, such as for dances and sporting events.

The best aspect of Wa-Hi is the relationships built, relationships that help all students feel included. Whether you’re in Band, Drama, Athletics, FFA, Blue Devil Strong, an AVID student or a student with disabilities, your voice matters.

Stay classy Wa-Hi, vote Colby Turner for ASB Vice-President.

Megan Harvey - ASB Secretary

My name is Megan Harvey,  and I am running for your ASB secretary for the 2018-2019 school year. As a student of the Walla Walla School District for the past 11 years, and proud Blue Devil, my motive to be your ASB secretary is to create a positive experience for current and future students.  Most people look back at high school as being some of the most memorable and influential years of their lives; I would like to be apart of making these experiences great.  

As your ASB Secretary, one thing I will strive to achieve is acknowledgment of everyone's ideas. I understand the duties of being in ASB and what the class entails. While being in the ASB class this year and my freshman year, my leadership skills have improved a lot. I've learned valuable lessons to help me be a great executive officer and hear your ideas and thoughts.

This year I was chair member of Winter Wish Week program. Which gave me the opportunity to practice handling many responsibilities, which come with almost all of the projects ASB works on, as well as be apart of a great program that Wa-Hi has to offer.

Aside from my duties as a Secretary, I have many ideas of ways to improve and strengthen Wa-Hi as a whole. Some of these ideas I have is to encourage students to be more involved  in clubs and activities. Wa-Hi has so much to offer and I believe everyone should become involved. At the beginning of next year I plan to spread the word about clubs and encourage people to get involved. I also would like to implement a school-wide incentive program, rewarding students for academic achievement. I hope by rewarding good behavior, it will encourage kids to stay motivated, work hard, and kids will reach their full potential.

I am passionate, responsible, hard working, and open minded.  The combination of my skills, ideas and values make me an excellent candidate. I want to celebrate Wa-Hi’s greatness while continuing to bring new ideas that align with the student body's interests. With my love and passion for Wa-Hi and ASB I know I can make 2018-2019 a great school year!  Vote for me, Megan Harvey!

Cannon Angotti - ASB Secretary

I am Cannon Angotti, and I think that I am fit for the ASB secretary position at Wa-Hi because I have been involved in the Wa-Hi ASB program since my freshman year, so I will be coming into this next year with experience knowing how to lead.

Our legislative assembly at Wa-Hi consists of about 30 students and they make a lot of the choices at Wa-HI. Although there are 30 students in the class, I feel that only some of them make the decisions. Most of this is due to non-participation from the students, and if I were to get elected I would like to change that so we can get as many opinions as possible to make everything we do even better. I think we should also keep a suggestion box in a convenient place for non-ASB students to give their input so we can try and do everything we can to help.

I think student clubs and organizations are a big part of Wa-HI and what we are all about. They encourage student involvement and give students chances to be apart of something they enjoy and get to meet more of their peers. I think Wa-Hi has a big selection of clubs to choose from and the only thing we can do is encourage the students to try out something new to make their high school experience even better.

As for student-faculty relationships, I think they are important and a great thing to offer to our students. They do have their counselors but students should feel they can come to any Wa-Hi staff member if they need it. I think most students know that this is available but choose not to talk to counselor or staff, which is something I don’t think can really be fixed as it has been advertised a lot.

Homerooms I don’t see a huge purpose in, but I can see why we have them. The only purposes I have seen them be used for is the few days a year where we have the book and we fill out the grade sheet and set goals. I completely support the idea of showing students their grades and attendance and showing them the importance then setting goals for the next quarter, but that is pretty much the only purposes I have seen them serve.

I don't have many  ideas right now to improve the school. My plan now is if I win to come in and see how it rolls and go with the flow and see where I can make improvements if needed and be giving my input if something comes up. Being in the class these past couple of years I will know what is coming and have experience in being involved and have a good idea on how to run certain things.

I  do think I am a great candidate for this position because of my experience in ASB and I think I can fulfill all the duties that is required for this position.

Reese Fewell - ASB Treasurer

I am Reese Fewell, the current Sophomore Class President, running for Wa-Hi’s 2018-2019 ASB Treasurer. I love my leadership role as Sophomore Class President and want  to further my leadership responsibilities and encourage both students and staff alike to get involved in more Wa-Hi activities. Being a part of planning the newly-implemented pep assemblies and the Winter Ball were great accomplishments this year and an adventure that I know would only improve and expand with further involvement in ASB activities for years to come.

Wa-Hi is already such a diverse and wonderful school, but I believe that we can continue to make it better  and connect with even more students and staff by creating clubs and organizing activities that encourage all types of interests and talents. One potential club that I feel would interest  a variety of people, is an intramural sports club. This would be a club where students and staff, who are interested in sports that are not offered competitively at Wa-Hi such as badminton, pickleball, and dodgeball, have an opportunity to participate in the activities they enjoy while meeting new people and getting active. Wa-Hi has a competitive atmosphere whether it be in the arts or in sports so expanding our options could have a very positive impact on our school community.

I feel that my skills, ideas, and drive make me a prime candidate for ASB Treasurer. Wa-Hi is a great school and I want to celebrate that while bringing in new ideas to better it further. Vote Reese Fewell for Wa-Hi’s 2018-2019 ASB Treasurer!

Josh Swanson - ASB Treasurer

I want to be an ASB officer because I want to be more involved in planning activities and events. I also want to be a source for people to come to with their ideas.

The ASB plays a huge importance in many aspects of the school and the student body and faculty. They help set up and organize many events for the school, get many students involved with fun activities and clubs, and does community service for events around Walla Walla.

Clubs and organizations are important for students to find something they’re interested in and can go on pursuing in the future. It’s also a great opportunity to make new friendships.

I think it’s very important for students to be involved as they possibly can with different clubs or sports. Being with a group of people who share a common interest with you is always a fun experience.

Having a strong student-staff relationship is important in many aspects such as being able to get help when needed, finding ways to improve in your class, and just needing a person to talk to. It also provides the staff a reassurance on why they are there in the first place.

Having homeroom activities such as motivating messages by students and staff over the speakers encourage us to proceed positively through the day. Our extended second periods help us incorporate the importance of the matters that were discussed.

I believe I should be elected because I’m hard working, responsible, willing to cooperate with others, and will take any duty that comes my way.

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