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October GO BLUE students of the month

We would love to acknowledge the exceptional students of October. These students have exceeded expectations and impressed us thoroughly. The following Blue Devils have affected the quality of life at Wa-Hi, making it easier for teachers and students. When asked why they believe they were nominated for this award, they responded with this:


9th Grade:

Rhett Babcock:

“I try to do all of my work and retake any quizzes or tests if I can do better.”

Carolyn Davis:

“I tried to help a kid without a backpack, so that he could carry his stuff easier.”


10th Grade:

Allyson Filan:

“I missed a lot of school due to a concussion, but I always went in got my work and turned it in the next day.”

Jacob Rose:

“I just want to make everyone happy.”


11th Grade:

Daniel Doyle:

“I always stay after class and help clean up.”

Mila Flowers:

“I work really hard at Wake-Up Wa-Hi. I am very determined and passionate.”


12th Grade:

Ellie Calvert:  

“I have no idea. I do stack chairs, make it easier for the custodians. It’s one less thing they’ll have to do.”

Enrique Chavez:

“I am just great with kids and enjoy helping them out.”


Congratulations to these outstanding Blue Devils! GO BLUE!


Hamlet tickets on sale now

HAMLET- Classic Shakespeare with a modern punk rock twist. Will include original music.

Performance Dates: Nov. 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 @ 7pm and Nov. 10 & 17 @ 2pm

Tickets go on sale October 29. You may purchase tickets in the ASB office during business hours, online at, or one hour prior to curtain.


College and career fair advantageous to students

On October 19, Walla Walla High School hosted its annual college and career fair. Wa-Hi students of all grades visited the small gym to talk with representatives for colleges and occupations about opportunities outside of high school. The featured stations ranged from services such as the Marine Corp. to the prestigious University of Washington.

We thought it would be interesting to find how those involved actually felt about the event and set out to ask: Do you think the fair is an advantage to students, and if so, how?

Western Washington University representative: Oh definitely. With the smiles and information I’m sending out? I think the fair is worth it.

Renee Williams, 10th grade: The college fair? Well, I guess it’s ok.

Isaac Swanson, 11th grade: Yeah, it brought me into SeaTech so it obviously had an effect.

Brett Ferguson, 12th grade: I’d say so, it provides students with an opportunity to learn about the colleges they have or may not have thought about.

Philip Stilson, 12th grade: I think it’s helpful, you can get to learn more about school. Plus, it’s hard to navigate the websites. It’s easier to just talk to the colleges directly.

Kathy Pritcher, Wa-Hi Teacher: I don’t know. I would probably say yes. I’m seeing my students come back with good information about the fair. Though I do hate giving up a day of teaching. The problem is the students coming back two or three times.

Walla Walla Community College representative: Definitely, I think it’s all about the interaction. Students will come away feeling good about talking to us. And I think if they do feel good that interaction will stick in their heads and help them make a choice.


September students of the month announced

The Wa-Hi Blue Devils of the month are students who were individually picked by teachers for their good attitude, work ethic, and positivity. Two students from each grade are chosen and they go to Mr. Higgins office to receive some gifts. This months students are:


9th Grade:

David Howard, who when asked why he was chosen tells us, “I’m always trying to help people find the answer instead of just giving it to them.”

And, Serena Jacob, who explained, “I always do my best.”


10th Grade:

Luz Vasquez-Perez said that the reason she thinks she was nominated was, “School is important and I want to strive to do good.”

Daniel Girardin enlightens us with saying, “I always come to class with a good attitude.”


11th Grade:

Junior, Meghan Harvey, responds to us with, “I care about my education and strive to succeed.”

And, Amber Patterson tells us, “I try hard in school.”


12th Grade:

Josue Leal delivers, “...I always have a positive, mature attitude that makes everyone's day.”

Caroline Blethen says, “My future is very important to me, so what I do here matters.”


Congratulations to these hard working Blue Devils! Go BLUE!


Bundesliga Total

Bundesliga Total is a competition in which German class students from 90 different schools across the United States predict the outcome of a soccer game in Germany. The students are to guess which team will win and what the score of the game will be for a chance to go to San Francisco. Two students from each winning school will be sent to San Francisco to compete for their school and the chance to go on an all expenses paid trip to Germany and watch a soccer match.

Our team from Wa-Hi is called the Walla Walla Weintraubens or the Walla Walla Wine Grapes and they are tied for 3rd with another school from the Western division. If they stay in the top 10, 2 of our German students will attend the competition in San Francisco.

Wish the students in German class the best of luck! We hope they win and get to experience an amazing trip to San Francisco and possibly, halfway across the world, to Germany.


Seniors dominate Juniors in Buff Puff

Buff Puff is fun competition and fundraising that takes place during Homecoming. Every year, the Senior class boys take on the Junior class boys in the annual volleyball game.This year's event took place Monday, October 8 at 7pm in the large gym. The Seniors usually win and this year was no different.

Lots of students came out to support their grade yelling “Senior power” or “Junior power” to cheer on their team and their friends. The seniors wore red and the juniors wore green. Buff Puff is one of the most favorite Homecoming events and this year didn't disappoint.

The proceeds of the event this year went to support the choir.


Band students earn WIBC honors

Wa-Hi would love to congratulate and recognize the following Blue Devils! Their hard work and true talent lead them to be selected by MP3 audition to the 2018 Western International Band Clinic this November. WIBC is an honor band festival alike to an All-State honor group event, just without the choir and orchestra. It consists of 4 bands all of which contain 165 students from states in the northwest.


Darby Clark playing the clarinet.

Keeli McKern playing the clarinet.

Olivier Nicault playing the alto saxophone.

Tommy Kaminsky playing the flute.

Ezekiel Thompson playing the tuba.


Congratulations Wa-Hi Band students!


Homecoming Court Announced

Ladies, gentleman, everybody…...the Homecoming Princes and Princesses have hereby been declared. They were announced in our Homecoming assembly on Monday, October 8. They consist of the following:


                                         Princes         (paired with)         Princesses


                                      Brandon Ponce Madi Knight

                                      Leo Sweeny    Ellie Sievertson

                                      Keldan Swant    Claire Clark

                                      Ryland Hopkins   Kami Philavanh

                                      Peter Hoffman    Ellie Calvert


  The Homecoming King and Queen will be announced at the football game on Friday, October 12. The game will start at 7 PM at Borleske Stadium. King and Queen will be announced at half-time. Come on out and support your BLUE DEVILS!


Big Blue Weekend Cancelled

  Wa-Hi Journal is regretful to inform you that Big Blue Weekend (Oct. 19-21, 2018) has been cancelled. To put it simply, not enough Wa-Hi students signed up to make BBW happen.

Our principal, Ron Higgins, says, “ We had a difficult decision to make regarding BBW. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, registration numbers were low (a little more than half of last year's numbers) so we are cancelling Big Blue Weekend for October 19-21. We will be refunding money to those who already paid.  We will be planning a different opportunity for this winter and will provide you with details soon.”

Although BBW was cancelled, look forward to the different opportunity coming this winter!



Homecoming 2018

When you were younger did you dream about what high school would be like? A High School Musical meets perfect date utopia? Somewhere along those lines is Homecoming. A dance in which you could only dream of. By definition, Homecoming means;  /hōmˌkəmiNG/ (noun)  1. an instance of returning home. Now, a more precise definition may be; a weekend in which high school alumni come to see a home football game, and proceed to a formal dance afterwards.


This year, the game takes place on Friday, October 12 and the dance on Saturday, October 13.  Be sure sure to dress up! Tickets are available in the ASB office. One ticket is $15. And if you don't have a date, don’t sweat it! Go with some friends!


Homecoming is not only football and a dance; the whole entire week is filled with fun activities. For example, Spirit Week takes place. Spirit Week is a week dedicated to showing your school spirit by dressing up for  the corresponding theme. The following is a description of each day.


  • Monday, Oct. 8:  Dress in your class colors. Freshman wear purple, Sophomore wear yellow, Juniors wear green, and Seniors wear red.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 9: Twin day!  Totally Twin with your friends on Tuesday!
  • Wednesday, Oct. 10: Meme/ Vine day. Dress up as your favorite Meme or Vine! Meme/ Vine day ahead? Uh...Yeah I sure hope it is.

    Along with these entertaining Spirit Days, Buff Puff and Powder Puff both take place.  A ticket is $5 without an ASB card for both games. Buff Puff is an event in which guys, typically football players, play a game of volleyball in the Wa-Hi big gym. This takes place on Monday, October 8. On the other hand, Powder Puff is vise versa, the girls play football. This takes place on Wednesday, October 10 at the Borleske Stadiums next to the Memorial Pool.


Be sure to participate in these wonderful events and show your school spirit!

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