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Distance LearningCOVID-19 Distance Learning Program for Students
Schools are closed to the general public for the remainder of the school year. Access limited to employees and scheduled appointments only.

    In order to graduate, every senior needs to have 10 hours of Community Service and/or Volunteering for every year they attend Wa-Hi. That means that most seniors need 40 hours of community service upon graduation.

Volunteering is a great way to connect with your community, try out jobs or roles you may want to have in adulthood, and learn to be a kind, engaged human.

When you volunteer, keep track of your hours on this sheet (link it… http://www.wahibluedevils.org/images/CP_2020_Community_Service_Documentation_Summary.pdf). Paper copies are available outside the College & Career Center inside the library.  You will turn it in January of your senior year.

Learn more about volunteering at Wa-Hi!

  • Here's a helpful slideshow (view here)
  • List of volunteer opportunities (view here)
  • Current volunteer emails are sent to all students weekly on Tuesdays in the #BeyondWaHi updates (view here)