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wsu-gearupGEAR UP / College & Career Readiness Resource Center

Fall Action Plan

CLASS OF 2021 Freshman

  • MEET with school counselor  to review college and career options. 
  • MAKE grades count!
  • Check SKYWARD regularly to stay current on grades and cumulative GPA.
  • Visit the WA-HI Academic Lab for additional help and resources.
  • ATTEND fall and spring conferences.  Check-in with teachers routinely.
  • VISIT College websites.
  • RESEARCH Career Interests, use www.WOIS.org to build your career and college interest list.
  • GET involved in WA-HI clubs, sports, activities, and events to help identify interest areas and stay engaged in school. 
  • REVIEW 4-year high school coursework plan and community service hours.

Spring Action Plan

CLASS OF 2019 Freshman

  • MAKE grades count:
    •   Review grades and assignments weekly on SKYWARD.
    •   Use binder and planner daily!
  • ATTEND spring conferences.
  • ENCOURAGE student to attend Academic Lab Mon-Thur 2:00-3:30pm 
  • VISIT College websites
  • Apply for  Summer Programs at WA-HI, more information to come on what programs will be available.
  • RESEARCH Career Interests
  • FIND High School clubs, organizations, sports 
  • REVIEW 4-year high school coursework plan and community service hour