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Swimming - Girls

Coaching Team:
Head Coach: Nancy Rose
* waswim@wwps.org   ( (509) 301-9361
Asst Coach: Ellen Ingwerson
Please contact Coach Rose directly to report an absence.



Hi everyone!

This is Nancy Rose, the head coach for the Wa-Hi Girls Swim Team. I am looking forward to this season; the countdown for our first practice (Monday, August 26, 2019) has begun.

In addition to spending a fun and challenging time in the pool, we will continue the tradition of dryland, hangouts, pasta feeds, and so much more!  With the help of the assistant coach and the leadership of the senior class, I am excited about the team bonding that will continue. Historically, Wa-Hi Swimming has been notorious for being a tight-knit team, and I don't have any reason to doubt that this year will be any different. We have a wonderful group of returners, as well as a lot of new girls joining our family this year. It will be a blast!

Below is a lot of information for the upcoming season: expectations, practice schedules, and leadership. This is general information and more info will be coming out as the season starts rolling. If you need to reach me, feel free to call or email! My email is waswim@wwps.org and my cell phone number is 509.301.9361. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Looking forward to the season,


Registration opens August 1st 2019 and closes August 21, 2019.

Athletes wishing to participate in Wa-Hi Athletics must live within the boundaries of the Walla Walla School District, or attend Walla Walla High School.

Athletes must possess a current sports physical with no limitations, good through the end of the season, and must possess medical insurance appropriate for their chosen sport. 

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